"Let One of the Last Dodge Vipers Tear Your Face Off "

 Road & Track

The Last Viper film was all about capturing the true essence of the last great American sports car. This was tricky sound design-wise. We wanted to showcase the raw power of the car, but we didn't want it to sound too over-the-top. The key was understanding its voice. Like a human, it sings with a certain style and tone that’s true to its heritage.
With this being the last video to ever feature the Viper, we wanted to make sure that stayed intact. To achieve this authenticity we used 14 microphones. One even rigged inside the inner gearings of the car. We also featured the finest details: Exhaust flames firing from within, the down-force of the aero-wing and sparks spitting from the car. To highlight the Viper name, we even played around with actual viper snakes to enhance the sound. Helping bring out even more of the car’s animalistic nature.


"More entertaining than the entire fast and furious franchise"

— ProfessorDominator

"I am obsessed with these videos. I can goosebumps through out the entire video. I love how you guys focus on the sound and all the close ups. Keep up the amazing work guys!"

— Nicole Alvarado

"I don't normally comment on YouTube videos... but damn, the team who made this vid... don't let them go! so good.... this vid made me get out of my seat and want to go drive!"

— Brice Ambrecht

"This masterpiece almost made me cry. Every scene had a meaning, at least to me, especially the last one. Where "The Last Viper" was resting, alongside with his older brothers, in a showroom. Thank you "Pennzoil" for this glorious video, you did it again. Regards. P.S. I have no idea how are you gonna be able to top this, but I'm sure you'll find a way, like you always do."

— Miloš Sinđelić

"Was I the only one twitching and getting the chills while watching this? Amazing job, Pennzoil. My dad has been using your product since he bought his Viper back in '08"

— Aaron Noel

"Dang near dropped my kid watching this! smh! Got me about to go sell some organs to go pick me up a Viper ! yall need to team up with Hollywood and make this a movie!"

— Truck Man

"Damn Pennzoil...i can't stop watching this!!"

— Lukinhapc

"Definitely one of the most satisfying videos I've seen in a while on Youtube. 2.43 of pure enjoyment. You preyed on my short attention span. Thank you"

— Mik Thom

"I just can't get enough of these commercials. That film crew should do a full big budget movie. They bring pure excitement in their work - thats why all those videos look so epic. They shoot in a way every petrolhead imagines. So good."

— Lushyn

"There needs to be a full length version of this. Fucking epic."

— Sam Swed