"This Awesome Dodge Viper Farewell Is Batshit Crazy"

 Car Buzz

The Last Viper Film utilizes the power of data and 640 horsepower to give the last great American sports car the send off it deserves. To make The Last Viper film possible we used social listening and big data to filter through thousands of hours worth of content, car forum conversations, and online digital videos for driving elements that our audience wanted to see. The most engaging stunts, visuals, storylines and objects were ranked, and this matrix was used in the development of the final film, which received over 4-million views in the first week alone. The continuing research and ongoing data inputs will be updated, and used for the next series of Pennzoil films. By harnessing the our own benchmarking information and audience engagement scores of car related content we're able to turn Big Data inputs into a Bad-Ass car film output.


"More entertaining than the entire fast and furious franchise"

— ProfessorDominator

"Keep making Viper videos and I will never buy oil from anyone else again"

— John Goldstien

"I don't normally comment on YouTube videos... but damn, the team who made this vid... don't let them go! so good.... this vid made me get out of my seat and want to go drive!"

— Brice Ambrecht

"This masterpiece almost made me cry. Every scene had a meaning, at least to me, especially the last one. Where "The Last Viper" was resting, alongside with his older brothers, in a showroom. Thank you "Pennzoil" for this glorious video, you did it again. Regards. P.S. I have no idea how are you gonna be able to top this, but I'm sure you'll find a way, like you always do."

— Miloš Sinđelić

"Was I the only one twitching and getting the chills while watching this? Amazing job, Pennzoil. My dad has been using your product since he bought his Viper back in '08"

— Aaron Noel

"Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Really gonna miss this car, and this video helped remind me why."

— Anthony (Tony) Bartolomei

"Damn Pennzoil...i can't stop watching this!!"

— Lukinhapc

"this commercial made me go out and buy a viper."

— Noabon