"Witness four and a half of the most intense, wild and dangerous drifting minutes." 

 Top Gear

One of the most entertaining automotive content partnerships in years

Pennzoil partnered with professional rally driver Ken Block, the leading social influencer in motorsports to help test and push Pennzoil’s new Synthetic motor oil to the limit. Together the two created the branded content film, “Terrakhana” and drove up jagged cliffs in 100 plus degree heat to prove the benefits of Pennzoil Synthetics and Ken Block’s driving skills. The four-minute death-defying thrill ride was released on YouTube and Facebook and garnered more than five-million organic views, more than fifty-million media impressions and achieved trending status on YouTube. The film was covered by 200-plus news publications, including Fast Company, Top Gear, Hypebeast, The New York Daily News and The Sun.


"Ken block + pennzoil = awesome"

— Divy Patel3

"I'm pretty sure THIS is what is going through every kids head when they play with hot wheels in the sandbox"

— Wyatt swafford

"Somethin about dirt and dust getting ripped up is so satisfying."

— Phil O'neil

"DAMN! That very brave for him to jump that high. That suspension setup is awesome. That's one way to promote Pennzoil product, awesome video Pennzoil!"

— hashrulsubzero

"That is pretty damn amazing! :)"

— RacingBrick

"This is just absolutely beautiful."

— Cameron G