United States Marine Corps – Super Bowl LII Engagement

A Nation's Call - Any Given Battle

 During the Super Bowl, we launched a real-time Twitter campaign to support the Marine Corps’ first Super Bowl commercial in 30 years. We took advantage of the advent of second-screeners and the enhanced Twitter activity surrounding Super Bowl Sunday to reach our target of men and women aged 17-24. Using the biggest moments of the biggest game of the year as our launch pad, we crafted a video series to contextualize our brand story of self-transformation and the winning of our Nation’s battles through the lens of football. Rather than compete with the clutter of Super Bowl commercials, each of these videos were tweeted in-game in conjunction with its corresponding Marine metaphor as it happened on the playing field in real-time.


Results Snapshot

3.55M Impressions

2.2M Video Views

61.65% Video Completion Rate (Twitter benchmark is 33-36%)