USMC – A Nation’s Call – Integrated Campaign

A Nation's Call

A Nation's Call, a campaign wrapped around the U.S. Marine Corps' first Super Bowl commercial in over 30 years,
targeted men and women, ages 17-24. Our brand message, Battles Won, tells the story of how Marines fight and win the battles facing our Nation through a willingness to engage and a determination to defeat all adversaries. We aimed to ignite the fighting spirit within those predisposed to military service and encourage those ready to make the commitment to the United States Marine Corps. 

We pioneered our message through live engagements, PR and created over 120 unique pieces of targeted and retargeted digital and social episodic content across multiple platforms building a supportive story, culminating with a Facebook Live launch, Super Bowl commercial, and a Super Bowl Twitter activation.


Winning the Battles Within - :06 Campaign Teasers

To earn the title of Marine and proudly wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, every recruit must first overcome the internal battles of self — fear, adversity, hesitation, doubt and division. To tease our campaign, we created a series of :06 teasers that symbolically illustrated the defeat of those obstacles, resolving on our logo.


Before the Battle - Pre-Launch Videos & Digital Radio

Following the Battles Within, we retargeted a series of :15s videos across platforms through social media, pre-roll placements and digital radio featuring a Marine's first-person POV. The videos show an individual Marine preparing for battle and gaining clarity through an inner monologue. Each ad ends where their role in the battle featured in our Super Bowl commercial begins. 

Digital Radio :10


Answering A Nation's Call - Our Launch Moment

On Super Bowl weekend we launched in a big way. First, premiering our spot through Facebook Live, rewarding our loyal audience for engaging in a month's worth of content, through PR with Marine Corps Generals making the rounds on television, and of course, during the streaming telecast of the Super Bowl. 

A Nation's Call :72


Any Given Battle - Amplifying Our Launch On Twitter

During the Super Bowl, we took advantage of second-screeners by capitalizing on key in-game moments in real-time on Twitter. Through a series of videos, we juxtaposed our brand story of self-transformation and winning battles for our Nation with the battles that take place on the football field. Rather than compete with the clutter of Super Bowl commercials, each of these videos were tweeted in-game in conjunction with its corresponding Marine metaphor as it happened on the playing field in real-time.


Sustaining Our Launch With Real Marines

Post-Super Bowl, we added context to our in-market creative with live engagments with Real Marines and Marines' Cut versions of the TV spot.