United States Marine Corps – Facebook Launch

A Nation's Call

To tease, launch and sustain the Marine Corps’ first ever integrated Super Bowl campaign to our loyal audience of prospects, active duty and veteran Marines, we launched a month-long linear narrative through a retargeting campaign on Facebook. Over the course of a month we deployed 120 pieces of unique creative culminating with a preemptive launch of our Super Bowl spot before it aired on TV through a Facebook Live experience. We continued the campaign by enlisting the participation of real Marines through Facebook Live chats and behind-the-scenes “Marines” cuts of the TV spot to allow our audience to meet, engage and relate to the actual men and women wearing the uniform.


The Battles Within Teasers

To earn the title of Marine and proudly wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, every recruit must first overcome the internal battles of self — fear, adversity, hesitation, doubt and division. To tease our campaign, we created a series of :06 teasers that symbolically illustrated the defeat of those obstacles, resolving on our logo.


Before the Battle - Pre-Launch Videos

We used first-person narratives and POVs to show Marines gaining focus and preparing for battle. Each ad ends where that specific Marine’s role in the extended cut of our Super Bowl TV commercial begins.  


Facebook Live Launch

To reward our audience’s month-long engagement with our story, we launched our extended Super Bowl TV commercial a day early through a Facebook Live experience that included additional content to unite the full narrative and prime audiences for the launch of our TV spot.


Sustaining Our Momentum With Real Marines

We continued our campaign with real stories from real Marines. Through Facebook Live chats and behind-the-scenes “Marines” cuts of the TV spot, we continued our audience engagement by letting them dive deeper to meet, engage and relate to the actual men and women wearing the uniform.