"That moment when u get more excited about the new Pennzoil commercial than the new movie trailer." 

JeTmAc 790  (YouTube)

This film brings the beauty of nature and the power of man’s inventions together in a visceral display of automotive performance. The film is a totally unique picture edit in that the majority of the film was driven by first cutting dynamic sound edits and finding pictures to follow suit. Shots were chosen and cut together for their 'kinetic' qualities and emotional energy, paying off the epic and surreal nature of the breathtaking mountain landscape and the freezing icy conditions.

The goal was to make it a thrilling auditory experience as well while telling the story of a 550-horsepower BMW taking on the sub-zero elements. We conveyed this through a 14-microphone car setup, morphing snow crunches with elephant screams and processing icy winds to convey the cold ripping against your ears. The sound design also included aggressive shifting, clutching, numerous ice recordings, and snow foley recorded in Russia.


"Once in a while you stumble onto something special on YouTube, I only had a glimpse of this at first and had to find it, the camera angles, the music score, the train placement, the sound of the motor, the wolf, the ice cutting in the corners, the snow shredding in the curb, amazing."

— Monctonstrong

"I enjoy these so much more than any other car videos out there. Phenomenal. You actually feel like you just did what you watched...This took a nice deuce on Gymkhana Nine. Respectfully..."

— Mike Sauls

"Wow. This commercial makes me want to get a BMW with that premium oil. The shifting, noise, and camera angles were brutally insane!"

— hawkboy000 

"All of these Joyride style clips downright give me chills. Straight car porn. You should seriously consider making feature length films!"

— Sam Swed 

"God damn the sound in the video is so clear and amazing."

— Chethan Datla

"I will buy pennzoil for my next oil change for my vehicle and my parents vehicle, just to support this."

— David Thomas