Pennzoil: Exorcising The Demon

PENNZOIL Exorcising The Demon

"Two and a half minutes of full-felony driving that dreams are made of."


Exorcising the Demon features the most powerful production car on the planet with Pennzoil coursing through its veins. The online film brings together both the power and beauty of American Muscle in America’s Steel City. It’s an editorial experience that stylistically merges both visual and audio together in order to maximize and convey a sense of emotion, grit, rhythm, and raw energy through a high paced octane journey. The edit for this film was designed to be intense, aggressive and kinetic, to punch the viewer in the face with the car’s performance. Shots were chosen and cut together for their 'kinetic' qualities and visceral energy, paying off the epic and demonic nature of the car and the performance of the oil inside it. It is a product demonstration disguised as an action-packed Hollywood style car film.


"I never thought I would be this hyped for a commercial about oil."

— Garret Strevell

"One of the most powerful videos on whole YouTube!!!!!"

— Uzair Magomedov

"Pennzoil should make a movie it would be amazing!!"

— Ash Richo

"I would spend $25 on a movie ticket to watch a Penzoil movie. These videos are insane!!!! I’m going to #maketheswitch."

— Elijah Jenkins

"The driving , the noise , editing and camera work all come together so well in this. Beautiful!"

— BenSimWise

"Pennzoil, very very awesome work...i am in love with Dodge and with Pennzoil. I don't have words. Awesome!!!

— Pavlik HellCat

"It almost bought me tears on my eyes for the joy i had watching this..."

— Nowshad Naiem

"Every car media outlet- "The Demon is only good for straight line drag racing" Pennzoil- "Hold my oil"

— Walter Joy

"As usual, a tremendous job and absolute spectacle for eyes and ears. Clicked right away when I saw this in sub feed, almost can't believe how excited I feel watching (technically) an ad, though it isn't, it's pure art and passion!"

— Urik Kane

"Gotdamnit i just keep coming back for the rush and smiles"

— EB Ultimate Gaming

"This video gave me chills"

— Family Things