Pennzoil: Escaping The Ring (BMW)

PENNZOIL Escaping The Ring

"Seriously. How is a motor oil company making better quality advertisements than most full-length car movies?"


Escaping the Ring brings to life the beauty and chaos of man versus machine on the world’s most violent racetrack, The Nurburgring.  We wanted people to see the BMW driven in a way no one had ever seen before. Shots were chosen and cut together for their 'kinetic' qualities and emotional energy, paying off the epic backdrop of being on the world’s most famous race circuit and the birth place of BMW.

It’s a cinematic experience that stylistically merges both visual and audio together in order to maximize and convey a sense of emotion, grit, rhythm, and raw energy through a high paced octane journey. A joyride for both the driver and the viewer. The film was designed to be intense, aggressive and kinetic, to punch the viewer in the face with the car’s performance while letting them take in the picturesque views of the Eifel Forrest. For Pennzoil it served as a product demonstration disguised as an action-packed Hollywood style car film.


"I never in my life thought I would be so excited to see a commercial"

— Rogue Sniper

"what an amazing production, I enjoyed every second of it!"

— Moe Zainal

"Gotta start Using Pennzoil after these epic commercials 😂😂"


"Pennzoil I'm about to start putting your Synthetic Oils in just from watching these videos of yours. They are just so damn amazing, not to mention the cars you use."

— GT Mike91

"You guys are just the best!! I love your ‘Commercials‘, best way to show a product is when nobody recognizes that they watch a commercial. It is pure enjoyment to watch your videos with the BMW‘s. Greets from Germany"

— TC5D

"You guys NEED to make a movie!!!!!!!!!!😍😍"

Gabriel Bova

"pure eargasm <3"

Irfan Ramadhan

"The only company I buy from because of their commercials!! Plus my M5 E39 loves your blood. Thank you Pennzoil."

— David Mitchel

"Sound design is just EPIC."

Dimitris Maris

"God if they made a movie! Holy shit."

Say No to Autonomous Driving

"These oil commercials are better then the last 4 F&F movies. Pennzoil should make a full movie next, that would be dope!!"

— Jonathan R.

"if every commercial was like this, i wouldnt mind watching them over and over again."

– Ryan Carauta

"Beautiful edit 👌"


"OMG I just couldn't stop smiling. Wow!!!!"

– Ugochukwu Anunuso